Complete Design

Randazza provides Complete Design of the Patented Ecofluid USBF™ Wastewater Treatment Plants.  Each Plant is designed based on the Project’s Design Criteria and desired Effluent Parameters. The Design Calculations provide the sizing of the compartments of the plant (Aeration, Anoxic, Clarifier, Sludge Holding, etc.), the overall footprint of the plant and the sizing of the required equipment (Air Blowers, Pumps, Air Piping, FlexiAir and Disc Diffusers, Mixers and Pre-wired Control etc.). Along with the Design Calculations we also provide the CAD Drawings. All this information facilitates the Owner and its Engineer through the Permitting process with the Regulatory Agencies.

In addition to the Wastewater Treatment Plants, Randazza also provides Fontana PreTreatment, Tertiary and accessory equipment for all Wastewater Treatment  Plants regardless of size and effluent requirements. The equipment is designed and sized based on the Project’s needs, and is custom built to meet the requirements.